current project: shortburst/greencouch
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    Project: Shortburst - Xbox 360
    Theme: Greencouch
    Music: Greencouch

    The nln-player

    The nln-player is a simple non-linear music player, which makes it possible to play (short) musical fragments in a sequential, random or variable-responsive way. The nln-player is suitable for the development and presentation of reactive music created for games and other interactive media. Read more >>

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    Music in games

    Since its early beginnings in the seventies, video games have been equipped with interactive audio and music, often as part of the gameplay. These interactive sounds and music have played an indispensable role in many of these video-games, and reside in our collective memory.

    Todays technology allows for other and new opportunities for the music to react to the gameplay, but also poses new challenges for the music creation and implementation.

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