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    This help section is currently only of use for Beta-testers of the nln-player, and will be outlined in more detail in documentation as provided in our test courses.

    Requirements & installation

    For the nln-player to work, you need PHP & javascript support, and a browser. Use an FTP connection to upload your nln-player and audiofiles if you are using an online server

    At the current development stage, the nln-player is not supported by Internet Explorer.

    1. install the nln-player

    Copy all files of the nln-player to your local or online system, and access this folder within your browser.

    2. Adding a project

    Create a new directory within the "projects/" folder. The folder name is the default name for your project.

    3. Add files to your project

    Upload your audiofiles to your newly created project folders. At the current moment you need to use the naming convention:

    4. Done. you can now play.

    You can now play your audiofiles.

    5. Customize and add information

    If you like, you can add project, group and file information to your project, or create a complete theme for your project. We will outline how to customize your project in our upcoming documentation.